Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ballistic Protection for Tiger Combat Helicopter

Tiger Combat Helicopter. (Photo: Australian DoD)

17 May 2010 -- AMAPTM (Advanced Modular Armor Protection) is the expression of the system approach for a balanced and optimized Survivability Concept, developed by IBD Deisenroth Engineering.

Based on advances in material sciences IBD succeeded in the development of new nano materials for armor technologies of the 4th generation with outstanding ballistic performance at significantly reduced weight. This new armor technology is the basis for the introduction of AMAPTM-AIR, a product specifically dedicated for the protection of aircrafts and especially helicopters. It is an important improvement in the survivability of the crew while maintaining the dynamics and payload of the aircrafts.

Mr. Ulf Deisenroth, President of IBD: "The introduction of our technologies in the Tiger attack helicopter platform, as well as the close cooperation with Eurocopter, marks an important step for IBD to support with our latest achievements in the survivability area and thereby enhance the protection for the integrated system."

IBD Deisenroth Engineering

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