Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Czech Government Manifests Its Intention to Acquire Two Military Transport Jets from Embraer

13 September 2010, São José dos Campos -– In a ceremony held, today, in Prague, Czech Republic, the Defense Ministers of Brazil, Nelson Jobim, and the Czech Republic, Alexandr Vondra, signed a Declaration of Intent regarding the European country’s participation in the development program of the KC-390 military transport jet. The agreement marks the beginning of negotiations for the involvement of Czech industry in the design and manufacture of the new airplane, as well as the future acquisition of two KC-390 aircraft by the Czech government.

“We are very pleased with the interest shown by the Czech government in participating in the KC-390 program, and we trust that the country will become one more partner in this successful endeavor,” said Orlando José Ferreira Neto, Embraer Executive Vice President, Defense Market, who was also present at the ceremony. “The new agreement reaffirms the KC-390’s potential for success. We are enthusiastic about the prospects of having this cooperation with the Czech Republic’s long-standing aeronautics industry, and we believe that this can be the beginning of a solid, long-term relationship.

This is Embraer’s fourth announcement of negotiations regarding international partnerships for the KC-390 program, since the 47th Farnborough International Airshow, in England, in July, when the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) revealed its intention to acquire 28 of the jets. Chile, Colombia, and Portugal have already begun discussions to establish the conditions for their participation in the design and manufacture of the new military transport jet. With the Czech Republic joining the negotiations, this could result in the sale of 54 KC-390 airplanes to the air forces of these five countries.


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